"Breathe Easy" Sinus Relief Pack

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Save money with our "Breathe Easy" Sinus Relief Pack.

A synergistic blend of essential oils designed to help you "Breathe Easy." Breathing in the aroma opens the sinuses allowing quick relief. These products are also very soothing and calming when used at bedtime. The pack contains all 3 of our popular "Breathe Easy" products.

How to Use the "Breathe Easy" Sinus Relief Pack.

Sinus Stick: Apply a small amount to nasal openings and upper lip or apply to sinus area. Place on chest for congestion or on the bottom of feet for cough and congestion. Baby safe. Rest assured and "Breathe Easy." .75oz

Bath and Shower Salts: Put two tablespoons in a tub of warm water, relax and soak for 15 to 20 minutes. For the shower--place the 2 tblsp in a little organza bag (like a rice bag from a wedding)...place it on the floor of the shower...the salts will dissove, but it will bring up the aroma in the shower...opening the sinuses.   You'll feel amazing! 6oz

Sinus Oil Blend: Use in a diffuser, vaporizer, or humidifier. One drop in a CPAP machine. 15ml

The same concentrated blend of oils are used in all three products.