"Breathe Easy" Bath and Shower Salts

$12.50 each

on orders $49 or more (in continental USA)

Breathe Easy with our Bath and Shower salts.

Our "Breathe Easy" Bath and Shower Salts are a compliment to our "Breathe Easy" Sinus Stick. We use the same blend of wonderful oils but in a Dead Sea Salt base. To use; place the container in your bathroom. Take off the lid and as you shower or bathe the steam will cause the aroma of the oils to permeate the room.  Or....Put 2-3 tablespoons of the salt blend in a little organza bag (like a rice bag from a wedding) ---cinch it closed and put it on the bottom of the shower...the salts will dissolve, but it will bring the aroma up in the shower opening the sinuses. 

Our Bath and Shower Salts will begin to open your sinuses and have you feeling renewed and refreshed. When finished, put the lid back on. You can also add these salts to your bath and enjoy the soothing and refreshing benefits of the oil blend.

You can refresh your salts with Sinus Oil Blend  15ml...just a few drops.  You can also use the Sinus Oil Blend in the diffuser, vaporizer, humidifier or warmer..just 2-5 drops.  

Open up our Bath and Shower Salts, relax, and "Breathe Easy."