Calendula Essential Oil

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Calendula  (calendula officinalis )   15ml

Family:  Asteraceae

Country:  S. Africa

Scent:  Rich, Toasty, Balsamic

Source:  flower tops of the Marigold

Uses:  All sorts of skin conditions.  Oil makes a wonderful Carrier Oil for skin, nourishes dry skin. Calendula Oil, also known as Marigold oil is valued most for it anti-inflammatory properties and remedies a whole host of skin conditions.  Topically, Calendula essential oil treats bites, bed sores, eczema, oily skin and acne.  It is gentle enough for diaper rash but effective enough to promote healing scars, wounds and varicose veins.  Not necessarily appreciated for its scent on its own, when expertly combined with the appropriate aromatherapy oils, Calendula can help crate a balance of beauty and health.  

Blends well with: all floral and citrus oils

Cautions: Do Not Ingest. Keep away from children, Keep away from Eyes.

Method of Extraction:  Solvent Extraction

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