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“Foote Joye” contains the same wonderful essential oils as our Soya Essence Lotion.  It was designed for severe foot issues.  It is produced in a semi-solid form and is applied from a twist up container.  Foote Joye is approximately 60% stronger with the NATURAL OILS required to help provide relief from severe, dry cracked heels, bleeding or seeping athletes foot, eczema, psoriasis or other similar skin conditions anywhere that require heavy moisturizing.  The design of the product makes it easy to reach those areas that are normally difficult for some individuals to reach by themselves.  After applying a small amount to the heels give it 5 to 6 minutes to penetrate into the skin.  There is no skin on your body like what's on the bottom of your feet--tough but sensitive.   NO socks or booties...let the air get to it.