Foote Joye

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Brought to you by Soya Essence, Inc.
A blend of 11 Essential Oils, the Foote Joye is our EXTRA-STRENGTH version of the Soya Essence. It is 60% stronger...we developed it for the severe cases of Dry-cracked heels or Athlete's foot and open wound psoriasis. Severe even to the point of bleeding. We put it in an easy roll-up container. Use 3 to 4 times a day for best results. Use it especially at night...this is when your body is healing itself. When you put the lotion on your feet be sure to give it 5 to 6 minutes to penetrate into the skin. There isn't any skin on your body like what is on the bottom of your feet--so tough but so give it that few extra minutes to penetrate into the skin. You don't need any socks or booties, it won't get on the bedding.

  • Blended with superior natural ingredients.
  • A special moisturizing experience.
  • Your skin will be soft and look and feel beautiful!
  • No animal testing.
Size: 2oz. jar