Gaius Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Diffuser

$49.99 each

on orders $49 or more (in continental USA)

The Gaius Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Diffuser is both beautiful and easy to use.

Operated with three simple buttons, the Gaius Diffuser gives you up to 12 hours of diffusion, and its LED light can be turned on or off depending on your need.

The Gaius’s sandblasted glass body is beautiful and blends in easily with the interior of your home.



  • Press once to start the diffusion in continuous mode at the highest diffusion volume of 35ml/hour
  • Press twice to start diffusion for 60 minutes then OFF
  • Press a third time for intermittent diffusion; 30 seconds on then 30 seconds off for 120 minutes total
  • Press a fourth time to switch the diffuser OFF


  • Press Once to turn the White LED Light ON
  • Press Twice to turn the White LED Light OFF


  • Press once for Medium Volume at 22ml/hour
  • Press twice for Low Volume at 15ml/hour
  • Press a third time for High Volume at 35ml/hour


  • 230ML WATER TANK with safety Auto Shut-Off feature when the unit runs out of water.
  • 12 HOUR continuous diffusion on one tank of water.
  • EASY TO FILL, remove the top, fill with water to line and replace the top.
  • COVERAGE: 1000 square feet. Perfect for any room in the house, kitchen, bathroom, office, and bedroom.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY with the option to upgrade to a two-year plan if you wish


  • Input Power Supply: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Output Power Supply: DC 24V 500mA
  • Ceramic Disc Lifespan: +/- 3,000 Hours
  • Dimensions: 6” in Diameter 10“ Tall