Arnica Muscle & Arthritis Pain Reliever

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The power of Arnica in an easy to apply rub.

Our Arnica Muscle Rub is a blend of essential oils. Arnica-Montana mixed with soy provides the base for this product. Designed for temporary relief of pain. This includes arthritis, tendonitis, inflammation, bruising or sore muscles from exertion, neuropathy, plantar faciitis, leg cramps and more.  Whether the pain is from the muscle, joint, tissue or nerve, there are oils in the blend to address all of these types of pain.  Also blended with antiseptic, antifungal and antimicrobial natural essential oils.

This is a true 100% natural answer to discomfort due to any kind of pain.

  • Made with the finest natural products
  • No chemicals or drying agents
  • Blended with superior natural ingredients
  • A special moisturizing experience
  • No animal testing

Size: 8 oz. bottle

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