Germ Fighter Blend

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Our Germ Fighter is a unique blend of pure essential oils that maximize your bodies ability to fight germs and bacteria.

One of Essential Oils greatest aids is in building and supporting the Immune System. This is because Essential Oils contain between 200 and 800 chemical components.

This means that there are just too many components within an essential oil for a virus to adapt to so it will keep working to boost your immune system year after year.

Fortify your Immune System by diffusing our anti-viral Germ Fighter Blend.

How to Use:

  • Waft under the nose
  • Diffuser: 3-5 drops
  • Drops in a vaporizer
  • Drops in a base oil for use in a candle warmer
  • Using our Spritz recipe, spray on surfaces to fight germs
  • Diluted for to use in cleaning products

Disclaimer: Information contained here is for purposes of education only. There is no intent to diagnose or cure any medical conditions or diseases. The information is not intended to substitute your need to consult with your physician or other provider of health care. Soya Essence, Inc. is not responsible for any adverse affects from the use of any suggestions, preparation, or procedures contained herein. You should always be directed or supervised by a health care professional pertaining to your health. Keep all aromatherapy products safe and out of the reach of children.