Shave Oil-Skeeter Beater two pack

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 Our Skeeter Beater is a blend of 7 oils. It is designed to repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are drawn to a scent. That is why some people get bit all over and others are left alone. We put it in a soy base so it will penetrate into the skin. Mosquitoes don’t like tea tree or Lavender and so they will stay away. It will also help with chiggers and fleas.

Our Soya Smooth Shave Oil is for men or women. There are about 100 shaves in that little bottle. It is a blend of 10 essential oils. We put it in a soy base because we want it to penetrate into the skin and it is Vitamin E enriched. The peppermint oil actually makes the hair follicle stand up so you get a smoother, closer shave. The tea tree oil is there in case you get a nick or cut, and if you have sensitive skin or suffer from razor burn, it will assist with those issues. The other 7 oils all have wonderful moisturizing benefits.

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