Skeeter Beater

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Skeeter Beater is the ultimate all-natural insect repellent.

We developed Skeeter Beater for our granddaughter, who is allergic to mosquito bites. Her parents had tried every chemical spray known to man. The chemical odor was bad, but the dry skin after use was even worse. We knew there had to be a better way.

Being from Kansas, we understand how annoying spring and summer pests can be. We also knew that we wanted to get rid of them in a natural way that we wouldn't worry about using on our families. We developed a blend of all natural ingredients with a fractionated coconut oil base. We formulated Skeeter Beater to work for five hours straight. It is also water safe, allowing you to swim without needing to apply again.

There are no chemical additives or drying agents in this product.

*As with all Soya Essence products there is no animal testing.

Size: 2 ounce bottle with pump.

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