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Check out videos testimonials from real customers that come to our booth at various events and shows that we attend.

Love Your Soy Hand Cream

I just wanted to let you know that I love your soy hand cream (or balm?). I love to put it on the last thing at night before I go to bed to nourish and soften my cuticles. I just ordered 3 more from your special.

I met you all at the Rosenberg Peddler Show a year ago last Fall. I hope you and your business are doing well.

Thank you,
Wendy Doherty

No steroids since starting your products!

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we love your products! We haven’t used the steroids since we started using your products on our 4 year old daughter with psoriasis! It is making a big difference!

We just placed another order, and I’ve been spreading the word! We even ordered some extra for Christmas gifts!

Thank You TONS!!!!!!

Mary Ann Thompson

Already an improvement in rotator cuff pain

I met you all at the Peddler show in Bryan, Texas and tried the [Muscle and Arthritis Pain Reliever]. I have to tell you there is already improvement in my rotator cuff pain. I can reach behind my back now without pain, and I only started Sunday. It is now Tuesday. Wow is all I can say, and thank you for such a wonderful product.

Mary Cormier
Bryan, TX

I will no longer buy any other lotion except yours!

Hi, my name is Cody and i saw you guys a little while back at the lawn and garden show in Wichita, KS. I got your Rough Hands lotion for my hands and legs because I have Eczema bad on both areas, but worst on my legs. You will be happy to know that I put it on my legs and hands the first night I got it and literally have not itched once since then! Within 24 hours of using it the first time my Eczema was completely put to rest. Thank you so much. I will no longer buy any other lotion except yours!

Cody Higgins
Ponca City, OK

Shingles Relief brings true relief

Larry & Rhonda, thanks so much for sending the shingles product! Of all your products that was one I did not want to test!

Shingles came on my back one Monday evening. By the next morning were under my left arm pit area. I went to the Dr. that afternoon, and he gave me an antiviral and said he could prescribe something for pain (I declined). I texted you guys and asked you to send me the product. Pain had gotten so bad by Friday that I called the Dr.’s office and asked him for the prescription. Your product arrived that afternoon. I took one of the pain pills (turns out it is an anti-depressant) and did not like the results from that one dose—extremely tired and grouchy (wife and grandchildren will confirm this).

Starting Friday evening I only took my anti-viral, applied the Shingles [Relief] treatment 2 to 3 times a day and took over the counter L-Lysine. Within a few days the pain level was way down, and within a couple of weeks the shingles were virtually dried up. And after all of that I still have product left over!

So, thanks for a great product...


Foote Joye for Eczema!

I met you at the Wadena County Fair last week end while visiting my father. I was embarrassed to take a sample and after talking to you ended up buying the Foote Joye. I have lived with eczema for years and used steroids to try and keep it under control and have also spent HUNDREDS of dollars on products that provided minimal relief. I am excited to say that I have had SIGNIFICANT relief in the last week with this product! I still have issues but, the improvement of the appearance of my hands is making my husband and family VERY happy!

Thought you should know and I just placed an order for more Foote Joye and trying the toe fungal oil for my husband!

Thanks so much!

Audra Clark
Zimmerman, MN

No more name brand lip balm!

So i have to tell ya.....THANK YOU for such an awesome lip balm. I was the radio girl that was obsessed with the name brand lip balm and haven't used it since the day you challenged me to switch! Ii love, love, love it. Just had to say thank you. I hope you and your husband are well.

P.S. i will be ordering that foot cream for my husband. I just couldn't remember which one it was and the "hardware" you suggested as well. Have a fantastic day!

CoCo on the Radio
Corpus Christi, TX

Acne and redness has greatly improved

Thanks for the gift and words of encouragement. It has been two months. My acne and redness on my face has greatly improved. Hope to show you in person this spring at the Iowa Craft Show in Council Bluffs this Spring.

Carly Kunes

We were amazed how the pain went away!

You may not remember me; you met so many people in Tulsa. I was with my mother and friends. You put Soya Essence on us, and we ALL bought a bottle! It was wonderful, and we were amazed how the pain went away! We came at the end of the day and got to meet your beautiful granddaughter. She was such a joy!

Anyway, I cannot thank you enough for this product! It has helped the pains in my back and my husband's hip! It is wonderful! Today I told my friends at the office about it, brought it to work, and let them smell it and try some... One of the ladies just ordered 3 bottles online! Thank you for sharing!! ♥

Kim McCall Barrett