Testimonials from Satisfied Soya Essence Customers

My face has never looked so good!

I love your product and my face has never looked so good! Using the body scrub. Now if you had something to get rid of age spots we would be best of friends...

Tallie Pletcher Baetz

Only thing that takes the pain away

We have been using [Muscle and Arthritis Pain Reliever] on an ankle that had been badly sprained. Only thing that takes the pain away..Sore knees. I have a friend with fibromyalga and an allergy to medications, and this is the only relief that she can get...loves the stuff..thank you for a wonderful product.

Cindy Bond
Alda, NE

Soya Essence is a miracle worker!

Thanks for taking the time to work your magic on my hand last weekend at the Des Moines Arts and Crafts show.  It is a miracle worker, and my knee is so much improved. I am sharing the results and your website with my friends and especially my massage therapist, who need to order some arthritis relief for her hands. Thanks again, and you have a customer for life.

Susan Powell
Urbandale, IA

One application and he was hooked!

My sister bought your Soya Essence for my niece at The Peddler's show. They applied a small amount on my teenage son's forehead to clear up acne. Wow! One application and he was hooked! Just ordered two Soya Essence lotions and can't wait to try your other products.

Olga Walker

So glad I decided to try it!

I bought the lotion in Beaumont TX at the Peddler Show. It is the only thing that soothes my sensitive, allergic skin when I get rashes from contact with perfumed "things" and cleaning products. The Soya Essence lotion works much better than cortisone type creams. It has also done wonders for my dry cuticles, nails and hands. So glad I decided to try it!!!

Buna, TX

Why are you not in more stores?!

Oh yay! You ARE on FB! OMG, I can not wait to order more products! Why are you not in more stores in IL?! :( Hit the yoga clubs, and Lifetime Fitness studios. Soya Essence is amazing!!! Thank you!

Maureen Quaid

Hooked after one use

I bought the Moisture Lotion and Brown Sugar Facial scrub today at the Peddlers Arts and Crafts in Midland, TX. I used it tonight and OMG!!! I am hooked after one use. These products make me feel so good.  I think my skin is saying "Thank you, thank you", also.  You will be hearing back from me. Thank you for such a wonderful product line.

Sharon Callaway
Midland, TX

Thanks a million for helping me get my normal look back

I had bad acne on my face and thanks to you it’s pretty much cleared up. You gave me the lotion and said to pay when I reordered. But thanks a million for helping me get my normal look back, I’ll get back to you soon thanks.

Letisha Schmidt
Tulsa, OK

The stiffness and pain in my feet are gone

I bought your product for muscle, arthritis pain relief at Affair of the Heart in Tulsa last November. I started using it on my feet for dryness. One day, I realized that I didn't have the normal stiffness and pain in my feet when getting up in the morning. I hadn't even thought of this until it was gone since I had gotten so used to the discomfort. Thank you so much! It has helped the pain in my hands also which is what I bought it for!!

Kristy Mitchell
Ringwood, OK

Recommendation from Facebook

soya essence customer photoLove this product. It worked after one application.

Sue Edgar