Testimonials from Satisfied Soya Essence Customers

Helps to heal even ant bites

Thank you for making a product that helps to heal even ant bites. I'm a crossing guard and had stepped into an ant bed. My feet were completely covered with ant bites when I saw you at the Pasadena fairgrounds. You told me to use your lotion, and it would stop the itching and heal the sores. You were right, and I can't thank you enough because I have seen what it looks like after the bites are trying to heal. The first day with your product stopped the itching and started the healing process. Thank you again. I have ordered more products.

Becky Rundle
Deer Park, TX

Experienced much pain relief

In September of 2011 at the Kansas State Fair I had a booth directly across from Soya Essence. I watched as people tried several of the products being demonstrated and made purchases and went on their way. I've had pain in my knees from playing High School Football in the '70s, and I broke my left leg in 2001 falling off a ladder. The pain in my knees was a constant 8 on a scale of 1-10.  Doctors have recommended that I have knee replacement but I am not ready for that.

I spoke with the Soya Essence Representative and purchased a bottle of the Muscle, Arthritis Pain Relief and applied it on my knees that evening and again in the morning. The pain in my knees went from an 8 to a very tolerable 2.  I've been using it ever since with much pain relief.  I am glad that I took the time to try this wonderful product.

Hutchinson, KS

Just can't believe it works so well

My boyfriend and I met you at Cider Days in Topeka, KS. We bought the Soya Essence muscle and arthritis pain reliever. I was having pain in my bad knee, and it was the end of the show. I was limping, we stopped to try some.....oh my goodness, I walked out without limping. I wasn't sure it would work, but my boyfriend also uses it for his painful ankles. I also shared it with my mom who has issues with her legs, and she noticed a difference. We will be buying more products, and I will be sharing with my friends. Thank you so much, I just can't believe it works so well.

Thank you,
Kelly Rubio
Topeka, KS

5-Star Review from Merchant Circle

Your products have made my Eczema controllable. It makes my skin feel very good and has made it smoother and not as itchy as it felt before. It has done me more good than the prescription products have done, AND they are less expensive to use. Thanks.

merchantcircle.com review
Enid, OK

The hot spot cream works great!

I recently bought some products at the craft show in Springfield, Illinois and was wondering if the products would be at any more local shows and when. The hot spot cream works great!


Truly impressed with your products... would like to be a distributor

My husband and I purchased some items from you yesterday in Springfield, IL. We bought a gift pack with lotions, shaving oil, lip balm, and foot joye. The last thing I did before we left your booth was try the pain reliever on my right hand. I wasn't hurting then and didn't think anymore about it until later when my left hand was aching, and my right had was not. I will be purchasing the pain reliever and more of your other products. I would love to see you create a healing bath oil and a line of shampoos, conditioners, and facial cleansing products. I am truly impressed with your products, and I would like to be a distributor. Have an incredible week. Thank you!

Trish Hauck

84 year-old father-in-law swears by it

The arthritis and muscle rub is great! My 84 year-old father-in-law has been suffering with knee and ankle pain for 18 months. Nothing was giving him relief. He started using the rub 5 days ago and swears by it! Thank you so much for helping us with that. I pray God continues to bless your business.

Kathy Cary
Facebook testimonial

Love your product

Thank you, love your product!!

Andrea Smith
Tulsa, OK

Thank you is not enough

I was told about five years ago by my doctor that what I thought was a rash on my elbows and knees was Psoriasis. I had tried about five medications with several refills and several online products and nothing had worked the way my doctor or I had hoped it would.

Two months ago while I was in Oklahoma, my mom's co-worker went to the Tulsa Expo center for a women's show and purchased your Soya Essence for her daughter with Psoriasis. She knew I had it as well and gave me a little on a plastic spoon to try. I had about a weeks worth of your product to try, and that was all i needed to purchase my own container.

I am about done with my first container of the Soya Essence, and I wish I would have taken before and after pictures because both my elbows are almost completely healed and my knees which were way worse but are 50% better after only two months of use. I just wanted to write you and say thank you so much even though I feel that thank you is not enough for what your Soya Essence has done for me and my Psoriasis. Thank You!

Thomas Wynn
Bethel, AK

Your stuff is a miracle!

My husband & I were in Louisville, KY for Street Rod NTLS in August.

[We] bought 6 lotions after sampling product on my extreme poison ivy. Your stuff is a miracle! Unbelievable what all it helps. My nails look better than they have in years! Plan on buying more! Oh yeah! My family grows soybeans (and rice) here in northeast Arkansas. Glad to know they have turned into another great usefulness!

Thanks so much!

Roberta Treadway
Louisville, KY