Testimonials from Satisfied Soya Essence Customers

Buying more when mine is gone

I and my husband met you at the fair in Tulsa, OK. I was also there with my kids on the last day. We bought the Soya Essence and the skeeter stuff, and my husband was the one with the really rough spot on his palm that was cracking. It is doing well now. And also are you planning to maybe do soaps or shampoos? I think that it would be a wonderful thing to wash your skin or hair with, I know people with dandruff or scalp issues or skin issues would love to use a product like this. I know I definitely would. And if you need someone to test it on, I am willing!!! Anyway I enjoy your product and will be buying more when mine is gone.

Thanks again.

Nicki Chelf
Beggs, OK

No more screaming and crying

I purchased Soya Essence Sunday during the Tulsa state fair. Today is Monday, one day after I made this purchase. I just wanted you to know that as soon as I got home, I applied it to my two year old daughter's face that has eczema and also had my 10 year old daughter use it as well for her eczema. Already a huge difference.

I have spent more money than I would ever care to admit on numerous products to help my girls with their skin condition and have always been very disappointed until now. I'm so excited to wake up in the morning to see the new results!!! When applying this to my two year old's face, I didn't have to fight her, and there was no screaming or crying. I thought she was doing this with all the other products because she was tired of going through this routine until my ten year old told me that she wasn't crying because the Soya Essence doesn't sting or burn like all the others. I felt awful for having put her through that.

So I just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you from Oklahoma. We were blessed to have found this product. And I also wanted to tell you that I took some before photos of my baby girl's face and after from just a couple of applications of this lotion that I will be e-mailing you. I'm sure you won't be surprised, but my family & friends sure were!!!

Heather Patterson
Claremore, OK

I will be telling my dermatologist about this product

I just wanted to write and tell you how I love your product, Soya Essence. I was fighting a dry area under my nose that kept scaling off. The Dermatologist did a biopsy, thinking it could be a skin cancer. It came back eczema. I was given different types of prescription creams some steroid creams that harms the skin if used too often. I tried them all and none of them worked that good, or not at all. You could not use these products everyday. I decided to try your cream I had gotten at Old Threshers in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa last year.

In the beginning I used it 3-4 times a day and now just in the morning and evening. It is completely gone except for the scar from the biopsy. The Soya Essence has helped that to. If I stop using it for a few days that spot starts to get dry again. It is a healthy alternative that does not harm the skin and you can use this everyday which is another plus. Thank-you for developing such a great product.

My next Dermatologist appointment I am going to be sure and tell him about this product.

Sandy Sobaski
Ollie, Iowa

Thank you for making my son normal

Hi my name is Judy. My 8 year old son JJ has suffered A-Topic Dermatitis his entire life. His skin lacks the ability to hold moisture, which makes him very itchy.

He would “dig” at his skin until he was bloody. He has been hospitalized 2 times.  We have seen many doctors and been referred to specialists.  They put him on oral meds and topical meds. None of these relieved the #1 symptom, THE ITCH!

We have been praying for his skin to be healed. We have finally got the answer to our prayers.  Soya Essence/Rough Neck.

My friend gave it to me at church to try it. When we got home I put hat very it on his ankles that were burning and itching, and JJ was relieved that very instant!! He likes it be because it cools him down without being “all creamy”.

Before this product we would put so much cream on him his clothes would stick to him and make him very uncomfortable, and greasy cream would get on his bed and my furniture.  He would cry the whole time. Now, he doesn’t cry while I put his Rough Neck on; we actually have a conversation! His skin is soft and healing! I am so grateful to have this all natural product to put on my son.

We will be life long customers. Thank you for making my son normal!

Judy & JJ

P.S. - JJ said he sleeps all night cause he’s not itchy, and he’s not so tired.

The more I use it, the more I love it

I ran into you folks at Autumn Daze in Branson. I can't thank you enough for the lotion. I have a hard time finding a lotion that can keep my hands soft all day. The more I use it, the softer my hands stay and the more I love it.

The shave oil is AMAZING!! Like you said, I will NEVER go back to any gel, cream, or foam again. I get a MUCH closer shave with the oil. Plus, it makes shaving so easy! Especially in the shower with my glasses off and not being able to see what I'm really doing!!

Thank you so much for these great products! I'll be ordering more for myself and for my friends for Christmas!


Smoothest shave I have experienced

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that the shave oil I purchase from you in Mt. Pleasant, IA is wonderful! I used it first today with about 3 days of growth, and I believe it is the smoothest shave I have experienced to date!


We are believers in this product line

My wife has a skin condition (Eczema) on her face, and has not been able to find a cream that could moisturize her skin with out irritating her skin.

Until now!!

The Leopard Cream is amazing. She was skeptical of me finding something that would work because she had tried everything prescription and over the counter. I am a guy not into skin care products, so how could I find a product that would work? What do I know?

I am a hero and we are believers in this product line.

Thank You,
Dan Todd
Houston, TX

Healed up literally overnight

I wanted to take a minute and give you some feedback on Soya Essence skin care cream. I have had problems with extremely dry skin and cracking on my feet and hands for the last ten years. I have tried prescription products with no positive results and have just lived with the problem. This was before I tried Soya Essence. I had a large split on my finger the day you gave me a sample of Soya Essence and figured what do I have to lose. Well let me tell you my finger, which had been split for a week with no sign of healing, closed up about three hours later, quit hurting and was healed in two days. The dry, flaky skin which was predominantly on the hand with the split finger healed up literally overnight. I recommend this product to anyone suffering from dry, cracking skin.

Thanks, Soya Essence!

Scott Cloud
The Window Guys
Wichita, KS

It has helped me cope

I first became acquainted with the Soya Essence at the NSRA event in Oklahoma City the first of April. I have to admit, I am most skeptical and do not purchase many items at these kinds of events. I have a lot of problems/issues with my hands including dermatitis. When it is active, my hands are so dry they crack and actually have open wounds. It is most painful. I have been to doctors and tried about everything I can to help ease the pain and discomfort and try to heal the damage each time.

The sample that I received that day was really good, and before leaving the show I went back to purchase one jar of the cream. Not knowing how it would react on my hands, I hesitated to take advantage of the special that day for multiple jars.

I am so thankful these folks are from Wichita–my home town–as I am most anxious to purchase additional jars of this cream. I have tried so many things and am thrilled I have found something that helps me during the times my hands dry & cracked. I am so thankful for River City Unique and Soya Essence. It won't make my skin condition go away, but it certainly has helped me cope and deal with this most difficult hand/skin issue.

Thanks for a great product.

Cheryl Boyes
Wichita, KS

Took the cream to work

I spoke with you this past weekend in Quincy. I took the cream to work and a couple of women have tried it and they like the product.

Thank you,
Jean Livermore
M & L Kettle Corn